All the world is a horror-stage

Dystopian Worlds is a newsletter by Alicia Villasenor which features original stories written by me. I focus on fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and dystopia. Each story is released here, one chapter at a time on Fridays. When completed, I plan to publish and then remove the stories from the newsletter archives. My goal with this newsletter is to give my readers a chance to read a book before it’s published. Keep reading for what is currently in store:

The Nationalist: Set in a dystopian future America, an uprising is brewing against the ruling communist party. Darius Reem is a secret Uprising writer who finds himself delving deeper into the Anti-Falconal Faction movement. Upon attending a secret meeting, he finds himself running for his life and doing whatever he can to survive. Janelle Paisley grew up in Bethune city, a place of refuse for blacks only but it isn’t the utopia promised when the treaty was made over 140 years prior. Janelle is faced with a choice, stand up for her family or lay down her life.

The Shoes that Charlotte Wore: Jessica Lavigne is a young professional dancer with big dreams for her life but all that changes when a gruesome murder happens in her neighborhood. The worst part of it all is that she was there and she’s plagued by nightmares. Her luck changes when a strange young man comes into her life. Nimai is strange and out of place. He has the curiosity of a child and the powers of a god. But what did he come to earth for and what does he want?

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