The Shoes that Charlotte Wore

A young dancer, Jessica witnesses a gruesome murder. Her life is in shambles when a strange young man enters her life and everything changes. Nimah is weird, out of place, and different. Jessica doesn't know what to make of him. He's as curious as a child and at times, just as innocent. Wielding powers like a god, Nimah claims Earth's scientists intrigued him and it's for this reason that he's come to Earth.

TSTCW: The rope of Artemis tightens around you
TSTCW: Chapter 19
TSTCW: Creator and his creation
TSTCW: If I should never dance again
TSTCW: behold I give you life.
TSTCW: a grin across his bony jaw
TSTCW: Mirror, Mirror on the wall
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